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Desc:This guy's channel is full of crazy
Category:General Station
Tags:crazy, wtf, therapy, porn addiction, sex is bad mmkay
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 13
He/She acts like giving up sex/porn is a goal most of us have.
Well, no, the message is that if you're spending too much time getting off then you SHOULD make a goal of reducing your craving for sweet, sweet orgasms

What about my crippling food addiction? I use that stuff multiple times a day. It is killing me.
Cherry Pop Culture
With all the talk of "craving" and "hungry" littering the video, it triggered my addiction of visiting the kitchen at night.

The Townleybomb
What about people who have a fetish for poorly-animated newscasters with men's voices? They are shit out of luck, I guess.
If you found this video while looking for porn on the Internet you have a downright porn disability.
Now and I again, I consider what viewing poetv does to my Youtube history. Then I laugh.
Tell me more about my brain.
Needs an uncanny valley tag.
"Yodeling in the Uncanny Valley" tag.

the voice at the airport
Killer Joe
She looks so bewildered.
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