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Desc:so cool
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:NASA, moon, Rover, apollo, lunar
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Comment count is 25
Speed it up and add Yakkety Sax and it's just a normal dunebuggy driving around the Nevada desert.

Seriously though, i'd give nearly anything to go to the moon. Buzz should have peed his name in the sand.
Binro the Heretic
Okay, you've got me curious to know how you think he would have managed to pull that off.

If they can figure out a way to put a man on the moon, how come they can't figure out a way to let him pee on it once he's there?


Relevant info at the bottom:
"On the subject of partial-body vacuum exposure, the results are not quite as serious. In 1960, during a high-altitude balloon parachute-jump, a partial-body vacuum exposure incident occurred when Joe Kittinger, Jr. lost pressurization in his right glove during an ascent to 103,000 ft (19.5 miles) in an unpressurized balloon gondola, Despite the depressurization, he continued the mission, and although the hand became painful and useless, after he returned to the ground, his hand returned to normal."

I'm sure they could make a suit that leaves his wiener unpressurized and open for long enough to take a leak. I don't know if the loss of blood to his appendage would stop him from being able to actually go, but it would be a cool thing to try. Also, he would need a special tool to grab it. Those suit gloves are unwieldy.

cool water sandwich
A pressurised pee plenum you place your penis in.

That would have been quite an arc.

Binro the Heretic
You know how, when suddenly exposed to a vacuum, lungs will be evacuated of their air so quickly and violently, they'll hemorrhage?

Do you really think it wise to let the atmospheric pressure in your space suit determine the rate at which urine passes through your urethra into a vacuum?

Syd Midnight
And once you've taken care of that problem, the next technological hurdle is that water in a vacuum will boil faster than it can freeze. Without pressurized waste tanks, or valves engineered to withstand pressure from *both* directions, there's a risk of flash boiling urine creating enough back pressure inside the pipe to force the valve the wrong way and send cold piss slush back out of the input device. IIRC, someone discovered this phenomenon the hard way.

It would be extremely unfortunate if the valve in question was someone's bladder sphincter and the pipe was their urethera.

More proof that it was staged! they didn't have the ability to stabilize film back then!
You can't drive a car on the moon! That's ridiculous!

Look at their feeble attempts to move that black frame around to disguise all the flaws their pathetic movie set!

Syd Midnight
It's all very simple video manipulation. The objects appear to bounce and fall slowly as if in low gravity because the film is being played at a slower-than-normal speed, and the dust appears to fall back down without forming dust clouds because the film is being played at a faster-than-normal speed.

Don't even get me started on the suspicious multiple light sources. There couldn't be any moonlight if they were standing on the moon, and everyone back on Earth would have noticed if there was a big glowing thing in the sky that wasn't the sun or moon!


Always stars for old-school astronauts.
Jet Bin Fever
That looks really really fun. I'd be afraid of flipping the damn thing into a crater though.
he drifted kinda close to that lander

Drifting: something else invented by NASA.

When are they going to apply this stabilization technique to everything? THe Zapruder Film? The Bigfoot footage? My 8th birthday?
I have in fact seen stabilized versions of both the Zapruder film and the classic sasquatch footage.

You can do it yourself -- search for VirtualDub and Deshaker.

Binro the Heretic
Can it be applied to the films of Michael Bay?

Bourne movies?

Someone doubler this with the video of the guy in the ATV celebrating Bin Laden's death.
Binro the Heretic
I remember Jerry Seinfeld's bit, "Only a guy would take a car to the moon."
Syd Midnight
If the older unstabilized version has taught me anything, it's that the correct soundtrack for this is not Yakkety Sax but jolly banjo music.

I could use some Dramamine.
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