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Desc:What's with 'vette drivers?
Category:General Station
Tags:douchebag, white people, dumbass, Corvette, fiberglass
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 13
What's with 'vette drivers? I think its that they are all the kind of douchebag who would buy a Corvette.
cool water sandwich
An amazing belief that to be a good driver you only need to buy something loud.

Koda Maja
I'm saying it's sabotage on the car's part. Even Corvettes hate 'vette drivers.

Dread Pirate Roberts
I think he heard your shitty music and tried to kill you.

-1 for no actual crash.
The Mothership
technically he did show off, that is not an attempt.
Robin Kestrel
"I meant to do that! Now, to find a rest station and change my soiled undergarments."
Why all the hate for the Corvette? I thought this was POETV not Top Queer.
Because they are shitty cars made for and beloved by redneck trash.

Top Gear likes Corvettes.

If you are going to blow your money on something "cool" buying a corvette just proves that you lack brain cells and any sense of imagination.

Hammer Falls
As opposed to where I live, where Corvette owners only seem to take them out on Sundays and drive the slowest speed limit possible.
My dad (age 62) has a vette and drives it *maybe* 5 mph over the speed limit on the highway.

If we're counting who has the highest population of douches, drive any muscle car/import on a Friday summer night. If the majority of assholes doing stupid shit in front of you aren't newer model Mustangs, I'll eat my imaginary Corvette hat.
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