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Category:Nature & Places, Sports
Tags:MMA, wrestling, Hunting, Brock Lesnar, prairie dogs
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Comment count is 20
While I am not at all a supporter of anything PETA like...

...if you're not intending on eating the animal, don't fucking kill it (notwithstanding exceptional situations e.g. goat sniper)

Fuck this douchebag. 5 stars for evil.
At 1:30 he's eating a prairie dog.

Jimmy Johns: We'll put your small game kills on a sandwich!

Prairie dogs are a nuisance and ruin the landscape. You don't have to eat them.

A real life version of Duke Nukem.

Who the fuck is hunting small game with a .50 cal? You know, the gun that can take down an airplane or shoot through a tank.
"To see what these bullets do to different sized animals is good research..."

As much as I love and admire this man, I agree with Meatsack on the hip firing thing. What's next? Sideways gangsta grip?

This man is one giant rotting sack of monkey shit!
I don't want to believe this is real.
i knew a kid growing up who did this all the time

farmers up around nodak let people do this because the prairie dog holes cause livestock in their pastures to slip into them and break their legs. so, yeah, this is a thing. people make a weekend of it.
Meatsack Jones
I call douche for firing a Barret from the hip. Double for eating shit food after just getting a bunch of diverticuli cut out of his sorry ass.
To be fair, Barrett has been advertising hip shooting for years. The douche market is a lucrative one.

Would someone care to educate this gun neophyte as to why Barretts shouldn't be fired from the hip?

Normally, people get diverticulosis (little pouches extruding from the colon) in their 60's and later from eating a diet insufficient in fiber.

Here's a guy who's eaten so little fiber his inflamed divertticuli were surgically removed in his 30s. Don't be Brock Lesnar. There's zero fiber in meat (and not much in processed food).
He just got popped for some hunting violation in Canada. He's a human cartoon. He's really the worst.
Fur is Murder
Well, gotta compensate for your steroid-shrivelled dick somehow...woulda been nice if he could have found a way to do that without killing anything, though.

Could always drive a Corvette.
Brock Lesnar is the human equivalent of a Corvette.

Menudo con queso
I feel such deep sympathy as this man narrates his struggles with his health interspersed with footage of him exploding tiny animals whose only defense is spending 90% of their lives underground.
He made himself appear as a complete douchebag in such little time. Maybe in the next video he can shoot a .50 caliber handgun out the window of his corvette while mowing over prairie dogs.
This guy is a complete douchebag, but unfortunately I have to admit.. I kind of chuckled when those prairie dogs did a summersault in the air after being shot at.
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