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Desc:There is not much to comment on in this video.
Category:News & Politics, Advertisements
Tags:Israel, Palestine, Jon Ronson, astroturfing, escape and control
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Corpus Delectable
Whenever I see these videos with this kind of unaware insensitivity and blithe credulity, I'm always horrified that maybe I've got something that I'm that callous and crass about without knowing it.

I mean, I think of myself as a pretty sensitive and decent enlightened guy, but maybe I'm a total Jew.
Caring about Israel is a lot like caring about Arizona and Texas, you only do it if you're the type to feel bad about not being universally compassionate, otherwise, fuck them.
Old People
The antisemitism on this site can reach positively trendy proportions.

I'm not Jewish. I've spent time all over the Middle East, in various capacities, and I've come to believe that of all those crazy, fucked up little countries, Israel is by far the least obnoxious. Picture the Egyptians or the Syrians entering Tel Aviv- they'd make the IDF look like the Care Bears.

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