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Oscar Wildcat - 2012-01-31

It's nice to know that when the guys with box cutters and donkeys develop surface to surface guided nuclear missles we'll be ready for them! Thanks, military-industrial complex. Our social security and medical care is a small price to pay for simultaneous AAW and BMD capability.

SolRo - 2012-01-31

Hey, we have to be ready for the next couple wars we start, running out of 13th century countries to attack.

Cena_mark - 2012-01-31

The Chinese boast that they have carrier busting missiles. We got to be ready for that.

SolRo - 2012-02-01

It's laughable to think america has any -Any- hope of winning a war against china. You couldn't beat them when they just sent troops with knockoff AK47s into vietnam.

Hell, they have the manufacturing infrastructure and manpower to make the armies of WW2 look like a sunday reinactment parade.

Meanwhile america has like what, 1 or 2 steel smelting plants left operational?

Cena_mark - 2012-02-01

If we could get our generation to occupy a recruitment office instead of Wall-Street we'll be okay.
We have plenty of steel making infrastructure. Sure some of the plants are shut down or working on skeleton shifts, but we do have them.

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-02-01

Uh Cena, you know why you're sitting on a boat in Alaska in -80 degree temps rather than a nice job with good benefits in the suburbs? Because the Chinese have already won the war. You really don't get what this is about, do you.

MurgatroidMendelbaum - 2012-02-01

It's far more likely we'd be using these against North Korean ships. The ones whose missiles have a 50% chance to run themselves into the ground before we even need to detect them.
Four stars for China talk, the nation whose every industry is hinged upon our continued reliance.

Aelric - 2012-02-01

Seems to me that this system makes it become a sheer numbers game between how many missiles they have vs. how many countermeasures we have. The one who brought the most marbles is winner.

chumbucket - 2012-02-01

Give them about 8 more years and our colleges will have taught them everything they need to know.

Urist - 2012-01-31

How about its anti-A300 capability?

mouser - 2012-02-01

Just Exocet detection would be an improvement 8)

sosage - 2012-01-31

This game looks boring

Crab Mentality - 2012-02-01

Are you kidding me? Naval Ops is fun as hell. This new one looks to be right on par.

urbanelf - 2012-01-31

Where are we gonna get the vespene gas for that?!?!

The Mothership - 2012-02-01

right here.

Ursa_minor - 2012-01-31

Am I playing as Soap Mctavish on this one?

Burnov - 2012-01-31

This is in obvious response to the arsenal of Yakhont anti ship missiles Iran has in its possession.

And it seems rightfully so, they're pissing scared of them.

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-02-01

Gosh, that does sound frightening. Perhaps if we built a few hundred more icbm's with mirv capability, and a couple more carriers and nuclear powered submarines, we could counter the threat?

Burnov - 2012-02-01

Sure, if they don't mind driving taxpayers further in debt to counter some comparatively dirt cheap, high yield ordnance.

Although I think Russia would have something to say about the U.S launching ICBMS so close to their doorstep.

Then again the U.S isn't a stranger to military adventures that completely and utterly fail a cost-benefit analysis.

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-02-01

Perhaps if we built some really big bombs, big enough to destroy the entire planet. Would that be enough? We'll just borrow the money from the Chinese. What could possibly go wrong with this plan?

Burnov - 2012-02-03

Capital idea.

Cena_mark - 2012-02-01

Only 4 stars, cause I doubt our USCG cutters will get any of that action.

EvilHomer - 2012-02-01

These toys are reserved for the military, Cena, you know that.

Robin Kestrel - 2012-02-01

This is still in the engineering stage. Raytheon and Northrop Grumman are also bidding to develop and produce this system. Each of the three companies has already received 0M+ in R&D contracts. Most of the work is being performed in MA, MD, and VA.

"The US Congressional GAO estimates the cost of the AMDR program at .3 billion for R&D and .4 billion for procurement, a total of .7 billion."

Not that these programs ever go over-budget or anything. But, hey, we have our priorities in order as usual.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-02-01

Freedom is really goddamn expensive.

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-02-01

Freedom is free. Oppression and slavery is goddamn expensive.

fedex - 2012-02-01

You know what else is expensive?

Fancy CG presentations

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-02-01

No problemo. The Chinese are willing to loan us all the money we want to build these things. What could possibly go wrong?

Dr. Lobotomy - 2012-02-01

Won't bull shit like this simply push any opponents further into tried an true asymmetric warfare tactics?

Carrier groups getting swarmed by cheap civilian water and air crafts loaded with explosives seems like an effective method, if only as a first wave before sending in the expensive military hardware.

SolRo - 2012-02-01

It also pushes nations into nuclear warfare development, at least as long as america keeps trying to play world middle manager. (Jesus is the boss, obviously)

Meerkat - 2012-02-01


What you don't know is they are not developing an anti-missile system but really a very elaborate light show that will make the enemy stop attacking them and have epileptic seizures instead.

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