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Desc:Frame draggin' booty science!
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:george clinton, disco ball, Einstein, relativity, SCIENCE!
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The Mothership
George Clinton tag.

Why do their scientists dress up like future scientists? What is that blue suit all about?


Satellites have final assembly/testing/prep in dust free clean rooms.

Yes I know, but that doesn't mean they have to look like they are from Mass Effect 2.

Wait, fuck it, yes it does.

That's right, my alienalicious funktacular disciples of the funk, we got ourselves some highariffic scientificonomic masters of the SOUL working on this here contraption. Once we shoot this crazy ball of party up into the atmosphere, it gonna light up the sky in so many lasers of love you can't HELP but get by one, and just before you burn up in a cinder of white-hot funk passion, you gonna have so much fun your brain is gonna explode into the atmosphere like a Vesuvius of Soul. So strap into the funkatron 5000, my brothers, and get ready to enter the big booty space race chase, uh huh.

Can you just take every star I have from now on?

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