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violenza - 2012-02-29

"..they use it mainly on trolls and on midgets"

Redford - 2012-02-29

So, in conclusion. He had a dream about a girl catching him and running past him and the girl had very long arms. He thinks the reason that girls at the mall won't go out with him because his arms are too short, and he refuses to date any girl who's arms are longer then his. He wishes to make his arms longer because he feels they are too short and longer arms will make the girls at the mall pay attention to him.

I know this is terrible, but I have a weird mental image of him walking up to a random woman at the mall and "Secretly" showing off to her how long his arms are in attempt at true love.

violenza - 2012-02-29

if you look at his account(s), most of his videos are him at the mall calling women over and measuring his arms with them and then having a breakdown because his are shorter. it's still terrrible

Redford - 2012-02-29

Now I don't need to imagine anything at all!

Wait, fuck.

Scynne - 2012-02-29

I guess this is as good a time as any to admit this: I share this man's desire for longer arms. I never felt weird about it until now

Accidie - 2012-02-29

stars for POE group therapy.

CIWB - 2012-02-29

How do you even notice if your arms are short? I honestly have no idea if my arms are short or not. They seem to work okay.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-02-29

Can you reach that thing you want? How about that other thing? Or that one? If you find something you want you can't reach, they're too short.

augias - 2012-02-29

I love having long arms. Sometimes while laying in bed i'll extend them up and admire their elegant length.

SolRo - 2012-02-29

Reaching stuff is great, am I right, other long-armed people?

Extra High Five!

chumbucket - 2012-02-29

I love that this guy introduced me to this new concept of arm attraction.

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-02-29

You know, I could forward you these emails I keep getting promising to make your arms 50% longer...

Rudy - 2012-02-29

Not going to happen, cap'n!

Syd Midnight - 2012-03-02

I share this man's desire for examining women's limbs.

Siebenstein - 2012-02-29

I have longer than normal arms and legs. It's weird looking. I want shorter arms.

Siebenstein - 2012-02-29

Meant to be a reply to Scynne.

Hugo Gorilla - 2012-02-29

I always pretended to be the Thing growing up, not Mister Fantastic.

boner - 2012-02-29

Your arms only need to be long enough to reach your dick.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-02-29

You guys are a bunch of freaks with your small arms and legs. You can't run fast or scratch your own back.

Void 71 - 2012-02-29

I'm picturing everyone in this thread typing on tiny keyboards with their t-rex arms.

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