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afp3683 - 2007-01-06

oh heck yes

Afgh - 2007-01-06

Don't you dare eat that 25 you retard!!! He didn't even think about it.

Aelric - 2007-01-06

my favorite was the one where mr. glitch ate mathman during the set up, then grumbled away slowly

Caminante - 2007-01-06

When being chased by someone who wants to eat you, remember to yell your name over and over.

Dummy Rum - 2007-01-06

That damn tornado scared me as a kid. "I'm coming for you Dummy Rum. I will rape your soul."

bopeton - 2007-01-06

for someone named Mathman, he sure is bad at math.

love - 2007-01-06

I worshipped this show in highschool.

baleen - 2007-01-06

Aww man I wish the Backstage with Blackstone was included.

kingarthur - 2007-01-06

I remember the Square One where the cast tried to count to infinity...they all died.

KnowFuture - 2007-01-06


BAC - 2007-04-22

I wish I could remember more of that show, it was on after carmen sandiego (not cartoon) right?

Billy the Poet - 2007-10-08

I never noticed the Michigan helmet. Now we know why he can't so arithmetic.

Go Bucks!

Billy the Poet - 2007-10-08

Ohh... I guess we know why I can't spell, either.

The Mothership - 2016-12-12

Square One TV was great. I especially liked Mathnet.

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