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Desc:Gandalf/Bilbo. Language is not safe for work or the soul.
Category:Horror, Stunts
Tags:lord of the rings, fanfiction, gandalf, bilbo, Erotic Fanfiction Theater
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Comment count is 11
big pincers
his whiskers were bristling...

Five stars for the horror of Gandalf/Bilbo.

Now Boromir/Aragon....

I always wanted some Arwen on Eowyn action.
Seven or eight stars for the original material, loses a few because this guy doesn't know enough just to read the material straight. He's no Jim Dale.
Corpus Delectable
I lasted like 20 seconds. And no, not "because I finished."
Next time, think of baseball.

naked bea arthur naked bea arthur naked bea arthur

Dear god...
I know the internet is full of stuff like this, but every time I see it head-on, it startles me.
Meet the faaaan base!
Meet the faaaaAAAn base!
John Holmes Motherfucker
I love this, but a guy reading from a book doesn't amount to "theater".
Pretty good but not as good as Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 shades.
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