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Desc:Gerard 't Hooft wants a permanent Mars colony by 2020.
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:mars, outpost, colonization, mars one, settlement
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The Dutch accent always sounds like German + learning disability. Does anyone else hear that?
Maybe the private sector will get us to Mars after all.
Oscar Wildcat
With a track record of discovering the Americas, building the transcontinental railroad, the interstate highway system, space travel, and the internet, how could private enterprise miss?

Is there anything the free Libertarian cannot do? Other than get the cheeto stains out of his mom's sofa in his basement room? "Mom! I'm busy planning the mars expedition! Go back upstairs!"

Private enterprise is big enough to do these things because of government... IBM exists because we needed them in WWII and the fight against communism... There's handful of multi-billion dollar "private" enterprises that built our military and got us to the moon, but they wouldn't have existed without tax dollars.

Maybe Google and Microsoft will toss a few billion at these guys but it's not going to be enough. As far as discovering America, these were chartered explorers as well, so, like the big corporations of our day, their success was directly tied to the taxes reaped from the common people.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
God am I so cynical that immediately on seeing this was thinking "buuullsshiiiiit" ... Afterwards though it had tugged on my space-heartstrings, maybe it is possible!!
Oscar Wildcat
Unless they've figured out a way to send Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber on that one-way trip, their funding mechanism is destined for failure. Maybe they can team with the Bachelorette show, that might work.

BTW, who exactly _is_ gonna take a one way trip to a totally inhospitable planet to die there? While I agree the resulting media product would be of interest, it's likely it will only be to us here, if you know what I mean.

You'd need someone who had enough basic skills to be worth their oxygen supply yet idealistic enough or desperate enough to leave Earth forever. Incentives might include being able to claim X number of square kilometers of Mars as your own property, like a homestead, that you could sell or will to your heirs.

I think you'd have no problem finding people to colonize another planet! They'd have to be taken from the toughest folk in the world though. They'd need years of training and would have to have experience in these kinds of living environments... Maybe Antarctic researchers and Navy guys who have spent years on submarines in close quarters with people they might not really like.

Hegemony Cricket
No matter how you slice it this belongs here.

If this isn't an hilarious and well produced hoax, then it is still one of the worst ideas I've had the joyful experience of sitting through.

If I'm on the wrong side of history on this I will personally buy everyone that rates this a beverage.

This is a one-way trip where you get the glory of dying in a capsule somewhere on the way to, or on the surface of, Mars. To be clear: The best possible outcome any participant has is of dying of old age in a capsule on Mars--likely for promised rewards of familial profit and/or historic glory as this is a for-profit, televised operation. Nobility is not a big part of the bargain beyond some well crafted sound bites.

The very people who would sign up for that--complicated further by the likely advisers who would vet and approve which of that group were best for the trip--are the very people you would never want to lock in a capsule with other like-minded individuals. That's not just for living on Mars, but for getting to Mars.

Of course, that's not counting the fact that this is bugshit crazy and reliant upon magical robots who totally don't fuck up within 5 seconds of their highly improbable arrival and successful deployment on the surface.

I love this thing so much...but I don't know if I want to see what would turn quickly into Philip K. Dick LARPing--if they were lucky.

I definitely know I don't want to watch the multiple pairs of launch/transit/entry/landing deaths.

I do, however, want it to get as far as the robots fucking up on Mars. That's likely as far as it could possibly go in any highly improbably scenario where this crap doesn't stop right here.

But it ain't goin' much past this video...and that's sad, because I really like watching rockets launch and robots fuck up.

Ultimately, I hope this was an elaborate hoax and that I just typed all this for no reason, because they deserve a hat tip for such a wonderful production that made me waste the last few minutes of my life typing this.
Hegemony Cricket, I don't mean you any ill will whatsoever.

But imagining a terminally ill, or terminally old, poetv-er desperately spending the last minutes of life making sure we can all appreciate this farce, well it's just grand is all.

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