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Desc:beautiful in its simplicity
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:Boobies, eugene mirman, gospel, bunk, Joseph Stalin
Submitted:Moustache McGillicuddy
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Comment count is 19
much love for eugene. Apparently this show is gonna be worth watching along with cbb
Bunk is ok, but CBB is such a shitty tim&eric'ian mess. Total waste of Reggie, he could be spending his time actually being funny instead of being awkwardly unfunny (to be funny?)

solro do you have a really high opinion of your sense of humor? do you have any standup on youtube?

I have to do standup to prefer good comedy? I hope you've done at least one triple bipass before you go see a doctor.

no, it was just a question... you realize you're the one who's being the hater right?

hater? really?

Surely a connoisseur of Tiny Toons Adventures has better things to do than poop on someone else's comedy.

Shut the goddamned fuck up, SolRo. Just... just shut up. I literally wish you were dead. I'm not joking. I wish you died. Everything you type is like the platonic ideal of something stupid. You cunt.

Thanks camonk, i didn't know you cared enough to get so flustered.

Hey SolRol

Glad to see that five years on or whatever you're still a Turing Machine designed to pick the most boring response possible

Have you died of cunt cancer yet

Dread Pirate Roberts
My favorite Eugene moment is from FOTC when he asks Jermaine to try out the new sink faucets.
"It doesn't work."

Bob's Burgers: "Duderuses."

I can't reasonably be expected to pick just one!

the right answer is actually "look at their little ears!" in russian
Eugene is the reason I haven't completely given up on humanity yet.
Hey! Fuck you! There's also Jon Benjamin!

Those two are pretty much it, though.

How could I forget H. Jon? My bad.

Jon Glaser

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