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Desc:THIS is what is between the moon and New York City
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:80s, exercise, aerobics, Arthur, smile
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Billy the Poet
Magical. I went hyperspace for about a minute, there.
Sounds like they actually spent a decent amount of effort to get a Christoper Cross sound-alike for the music. It makes me wonder if the Jazzercise instructor was embarrassed by the fake version and wanted to talk over it as much as possible.

Also, since when is any of Christopher Cross's music even remotely considered jazz? Was it because it had a saxophone in it?
The Townleybomb
In case you didn't live in the US suburbs during the early 80s, Jazzercise was a BIG DEAL.
A HUGE deal. Some of my earliest memories are my mom flailing around the living room doing this stuff.

The Mothership
and SMILE for heaven's sake!

Oh wait, I thought the music was overlaid afterwards; Oh God, they were originally together! Dear Lord.
Maybe its a good thing the music is much louder than her voice
No, that's by Eric Clapton.

I'm all for jazzercise week.
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