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Desc:Long John Silver's ill-fated mascot
Category:Advertisements, Nature & Places
Tags:long john silvers, Jim Cummings, norman bigfish
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Comment count is 17
Norman Bigfish wages daily, nationwide warfare on his own species. His contempt for the common fish is matched only by his suicidal desire to deep fry himself in penance.
He doesn't represent 47% of the fish.

NO! NO! He was just a nightmare, he wasn't ever on TV!

Jet Bin Fever
years of therapy down the drain.

It begins

Bigfish and Mac Tonite are like the Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees of undead fast-food mascots.

The Mothership
Damn, SPK, damn.

big pincers
for kleenez and this awful fever-dream. There used to be a Rock-N-Roll McDonalds near my hometown with a hideous animatronic Mac2Nite that sometimes played the piano.

(oops. well, "kleenez" has a a certain charm to it)

Mr. Pincers? I did a little search on YouTube and found a present for you. It's in the hopper...

It's fish thrown into a friolator...genius.
He's no Charlie the Tuna.
Old People
Needs "HP Lovecraft" tag.
The 90's were a magical place where 1.99 COULD buy more than a soda. I know, it sounds absurd!

The 90's were a magical time when people had jobs, and therefore had .99 to spend on terrible food that almost resembled fish.

Their mascot is a feared corporate executive? How could the public not love him?
Caminante Nocturno
He was late for this meeting because he had to fight some biker mice from Mars.
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