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Desc:Full scale pier, complete with crashed spanish gala!
Category:Arts, Nature & Places
Tags:hippies, burning man, The Pier
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Comment count is 23
Billy the Poet
That's cool, but I've never met anyone who actually goes to Burning Man who wasn't a GIGANTIC asshole.
Yeah, Burning Man would be pretty cool if it weren't for all the people.

So, I'm, a gigantic asshole?

wouldn't that boat have been a lot more useful if it was built in some water

5 for being a completely awesome installation

Billy the Poet
I've never met you, Aelric.

I want to like them and I want to go some day. I fear I won't like them and I'll be able to only last about five minutes before fagging out and ditching for a buffet in Reno.

To each his own, I guess. Why someone would want to visit this streak of overhyped burnout is beyond me. Cool boat bro

The hate given to Burning Man is a little disproportionate considering there are multiple subcultures represented and encouraged there, including what I'd can a critical, PoETV sort of culture ( and it's a culture, I've been on this site every day for 6 years, I'm not gonna pretend it isn't.). White dred hippies are one thing, and honestly, they are not the only ones there. Hell, they are the end of the week crowd. If you tried it, I bet you anything, you'd like it. I went expecting to hate it, dragged there by friends almost literally, and I ended up having a better time than those that had a positive expectation. Just saying, maybe see for yourself, not just a few youtube videos.

Billy the Poet
Just talking to personal experience. What might color it is that I've never lived west of New Orleans, so the people whom I've known who go to BM are the kind of people who can take off work for 2+ weeks and fly across the country to hang out at a cash-free utopia: i.e, rich, dilletantish pricks.

That, Billy, is a damn fair point.

Jet Bin Fever
Annnnnnd they do the Titanic. Stay cool Burning Man.
I just wanna ride bikes with you for the rest of my life (at burning man)

nice tits on that masthead
Where's The Great Humongous when you need him.
Horsecock Johnson, M.D.
He was busy hanging out at the Thunderdome, because yes, there is a Thunderdome at the Burn.

I love burning man because all of the white guys with dreadlocks vacate San Francisco for a week.
Wouldn't it be cool if we like, made our own community man.
Yes, it would.

Fuck you haters, I look forward to one day putting on really old science goggles and visiting this libertarian paradise.
It's pretty fucking awesome. This was my fifth year.

Didn't mean to star my own video. Le shame.

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