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Desc:A look at the evidence of the Alien Reptillian Idol System that is running the world.
Category:Religious, Nature & Places
Tags:Aliens, satan, Christian, North Korea, TheGroxt
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Comment count is 16
The crazy is strong with this one.

I hope he someday realizes that "Hotel of Doom" is a nickname that was given to that building because (1) it's built in North Korea, (2) it's fucking huge, and (3) the inside has remained unfinished for years, making it look like a post-apocalyptic dungeon of concrete. I hope he doesn't think what I call "Taco Hell" really opens gateways to the nether or that he can find willing sex partners at what someone might call "Pizza Slut."

Thanks, Internet, for letting the insane further depress me about the future of humanity. Five stars for evil.
Yeah I don't think I want to see this guy's channel. No, not this one. Oh and his neat sat photo drawings would make for fantastic coloring books...you know, for the kids.
I'm enjoying it. He draws a lot of clowns.

Does he ever make anything out of the fact that Florida and Norway are shaped like giant dongs?

Macho Nacho
You mean alien dongs?

I'm not sure now. I can't tell if he'd say they were alien dongs or demon dongs.

The Mothership
that's pretty crazy.
Jet Bin Fever
HAHAHAHA! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
If aliens ever landed and the first place they visited was North Korea, we can kiss all our asses goodbye.
So is Jesus going to come and have some kind of epic space battle to save us from the aliens and reptilians?
He better do it, i'm tired of all these wackos pumping me with their crazy stories, all for nothing!

This whole Jesus vs conspiracy monsters is a new crazy angle to me, and I have to say I like it!
Come on, Alien Idol is so 1987-92, nowadays we have the transtemporal Signumplexor. You see, dear Passe' Idolater, where you were when you were born on earth, where you were when you first recognized Us, and all of the other meaningful things in your life down to the event that gave you your favorite color, animal, and socks, those things that you hold most dear, THOSE, when looked at temporally in latitude and longitude at the same timefix, that makes our symbol.

I'm just fucking with ya', you're nuts.

"This Noth Korea area SHocked me . It even SHows the demon playing the mayan Ball Game throwing the souls into a hoop representing the Bottonless pit of Apolyon. And Blocking the other ornamented Hoop into Heaven.

It is a Game to the Devil and demons. We must get all we can to the Lord Jesus."


hahahahah what
Yeah, what's with the SH stuff?

I do find it humorous that he says he's almost done compiling the evidence that will convince everyone. That's the best running gag these people have going.

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