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Desc:Why do people do this, why?
Category:General Station, Horror
Tags:costume, mlp, bronies, creeping dread
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Comment count is 21
And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!
The Mothership
hehe, nice.

Wonko the Sane
haha, you sure showed those dorks

When it goes on the internet, it's pretty much there forever people.
The Mothership
so are female mlp fans bronies too? Cause I thought that just applied to the man-boys who liked the show.

Stable boys.

Pega-sisters are definitely peg-able

Female fans are sometimes referred to as pegasisters, but they will often call themselves bronies as well.

Oh god, it's Jappleack all over again.
Caminante Nocturno
This is not in keeping with Applejack's character, who would most likely find none of this humorous at all.
Jet Bin Fever
Anyone who genuinely likes this show is either a little girl or has bad taste. Its continued success is astounding to me.
HINT: This video does not contain footage of the show.

It's made for young girls. Have you looked at some of the other shows targeted at young girls? The current incarnation of My Little Pony is well written, has three dimensional characters, and doesn't talk down to kids. Most kids' shows are so fucking condescending that anyone old enough to detect that condescension finds it unwatchable. The people that made this show gave it's audience the same respect they'd give an adult audience, and it shows.

It's a good show. It's for young girls. If you're expressing incredulity that adults would like a show targeted at young girls, well, that's already been said many times and I can't argue with that. You can say it's weird they like programming made for little girls, but come on, they have good taste when it comes to programming for little girls. Is there some other show you think would be more deserving?

big pincers
beginning reminds me of "Anal Massage For Relaxation For Pleasure" (which is too NSFW to submit here but worth the watch on vimeo)
Youtube comments seem to reveal that bronies are just as horrified by this as everyone else.

We all have limits, folks.
This is pretty obviously intentionally horrific

So to join, one must slay a pony and then wear its skin?
So how does the rest of the Furry community see Bronies? Do wolf and tiger fursuiters see themselves as "better" than pony fursuiters, or about the same?
Probably as corporate whores and sellouts for not just sticking a bunch of pokemon in a blender, then shitting the result out in polyester form and straining it through a Chuck Jones filter.

Caminante Nocturno
Probably bitter envy that, despite all the flak bronies get, they are still less hated than furries.

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