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Desc:Simply the worst attempt at a game controller EVER. So bad it needs an instructional video to use.
Category:Video Games, Advertisements
Tags:Sega, genesis, fighting, Controller, flop
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Comment count is 14
"you have to um cut it some slack"
oh man, i remember a friend who had this. shittiest peripheral EVER.
Daughters of Uzbek
Reminiscent of Olmec giving instructions before the Temple
Is this narrated by Stinkoman from H*R?
Herr Matthias
Holy Christ. Almost makes U-Force seem like a good idea.
sudan no1
Parodies itself.
If you're going to play Eternal Champions, you might as well go ahead and look like a spazz.
Re-calibrating every time you turn on the Genesis seems simple?
"Just integrate the Heisenberg quantum probability distribution. IT'S THAT SIMPLE."
Oh, be nice, people. It's probably great for games that don't use "down" or "Start" or "A"
"Penetrate the invisible beams to activate a move!"
U lations"
Apparently kids in the early 90's were too hip for one font color or size, you had to use ALL of them!
You know, sometimes, on very rare occasions, I miss the 90s.
Is that stock footage of Martin Luther King Jr. at 1:54?
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