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Hooker - 2012-12-03

Anime that still sucks.

BHWW - 2012-12-03

More like You Can (not) Re-poo, am I right folks?

FABIO - 2012-12-03

So why did they redo it?

(did the fans ever catch on the whole series was one giant joke aimed at them?)

BHWW - 2012-12-03


one of the "new" characters in these movies (or at least in the one I saw, Envangelion 2.22222 You Can (not) Be Serious About This Crap) is a female pilot who distinguishable by her wearing glasses AND having boobs - with three female pilot characters they can sell even more creepy merchandise than before

Aelric - 2012-12-03

I can't follow this shit for three sentences down the wiki description.

FABIO - 2012-12-03



more talking


babble babble (jesus christ Apollo 13 didn't have this much talking about trajectories and reentry)

A blue blood wha? Oh, it's gone now.

Screaming, talking





Young girl screaming in pain

Young girl screaming in pain

Young girl screaming in pain

Young girl writhing contorting hurting OH YEAH HARDER MORE

Light blinding out already indecipherable action scene

Eye boiling?

Screaming, pain, boiling

Quick shot of maybe a robot are those in this show?

Back to screaming

Laser? Someone?

Another eye


SolRo - 2012-12-03

Ehh, it's the 3rd movie in series that you havent watched, so you're surprised that it doesn't instantly make sense? (not even considering that the 3rd movie appears to be very different from the originals)

urbanelf - 2012-12-03

The the "anime that doesn't suck" tag intended to be ironic? If someone asked me to describe this, I would say that something went into space.

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