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Desc:Miniature lord of Sith enjoys nature.
Category:General Station
Tags:darth vader, Garden, skipping, short and sweet
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Comment count is 7
You'd think the Mini Empire could figure out decent cellphone video aspect.
I love vertical videos! ʘʘD

Jet Bin Fever
So you're upset that the parent didn't go inside to grab a camcorder and instead just shot their kid doing something impromptu with their cellphone? The snobbishness is strong with this one.

I spent the last 12 days in the hospital, my votes for the next few days are likely to be more on the crabby/negative/fussy side.

You'd think a cell phone manufacturer would make the aspect ratio work when the phone is held in the more natural vertical position like it is for all other functions, or make it alter itself based on the phone's orientation.

Instead of bitching, you should jump on that.

All too easy.

Ludicrous speed, go!
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