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Desc:Thai Food Week?
Category:Arts, Nature & Places
Tags:Thailand, thai, the best, pad thai
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The Mothership
DOon't quite know why this is here, or why I voted for it. But it does look tasty.
Oscar Wildcat
...you should see Gordon Ramsay's recipe!

The Mothership
I did, that monk-chef was right. looked disgusting. I see now that this vid was a response to that one. 5 stars.


Wish I knew what was in the red sauce... Also, pouring shitloads of sugar on at the end? That's just weird. I'm sure it's pretty damn good though.
my coworkers are addicted to sriracha sauce which has sugar as the second ingredient.

That's cocaine.

There's not much sugar in Sri Racha. It's also a pretty strong condiment, I wouldn't use it to flavor a dish in the pan. Hoisin is the same. A tiny bit is ok but they just make food taste like condiments, which is gross.

I usually use a combination of fish oil, rice vinegar, lemon grass or lime juice, garlic or fresh ginger, and that's the basis of most Southeast Asian sauces. You can mess around with that as a mother sauce and do all kinds of delicious things.

Tamarind and chillies, maybe? I don't cook many Thai dishes, and when I do, it's either prepackaged or some kind of could-be-Indian-only-it's-watery crap, so hell if I know, but aren't alot of those red sauce Pad Thais made with tamarind-based sauces?

Tamarind kind of scares me...

Tamarind is so good

The sugar is fairly normal. The red sauce is not Sriracha, but rather spicy ketchup.

This was a normal lunch to me for the past 2 years. Some where better, some not so good. The spicy ketchup was NOT typical.

ever try using hoisin as a marinade? throw a bunch in a big pot with a bottle of sake and some rough chop ginger, let simmer for a while until the kitchen stinks of it, let cool, add meat (we always used pork belly thats been cured for a couple of days) let sit for two days, cook for 375 for like 2-2:30 hrs covered in big pan, take out saute with whatever. have god orgasm in your mouth

maybe banana ketchup?

damnit, logged on stoned, logging out hungry. im going go raid the pantry and make something stupid for science :P

I still betting on Burmese being the new Thai.

Tea leaf salad.

Tamarind scares you? What the hell do you eat, Wonderbread?

Baleen is the king of mansplaining.

I do not eat wonderbread. I actually bake all my own bread, almost every day. Tamarind doesn't really scare me. I just hate the consistency and am still weirded out by stories that imported tamarind pulp contained lead... It's one of the only things that is not in my kitchen, and I have some very weird spices in my kitchen.

And I am totally the king of manswering, especially on here.

Jet Bin Fever
I think tamarind is pretty gross too. I've had fresh tamarind overseas and it didn't help at all. Nasty.

Thai good, you like shirt?
Binro the Heretic
Damn it, now I'm hungry.

Wait, did he just break an egg using another egg?
Jet Bin Fever
The best food you'll ever have in Asia is street food.
poe-commentary greatness
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