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Desc:Insane rant from a delusional Youtube stalker about Halloween. Starts at 3:00, descends into madness
Category:General Station, Horror
Tags:creepy, Halloween, Aspergers, asian women, CHANNAKAJIMA
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Comment count is 9
Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I meant to 5-star it. I never was so ashamed during my sad lurking presence on poeTV. Please accept my sincere apologies and feel free to call me names and think badly of me.
I feel so terribly bad right now and I have no idea how this happened.

Git' a rope...

Here's five stars. Six stars for someone who can explain the backstory behind this wackiness. Does Crazy McGee actually know the person he's addressing personally? I'm guessing not.
no. the woman he is addressing is one of those intensely unfunny youtube all-star tagalongs on something called "smoosh". he has thought he was in contact with several internet-famous asian youtubers in a manner probably worthy of restraining orders (moving to their cities, hundreds of videos describing their imaginary love and future children).

i can't even really describe the insane scope of this dude's obsession complete lack of shame. there are 2 other videos in the his tag on poetv but my personal favorites are his bladerunner and james bond themed tributes.. which will be submitted shortly.

On the one hand, he believes in an 11 dimensional universe. On the other, he doesn't think a thousand beings could use 11 dimensions to monitor 7 billion.

I say we don't hire him due to lack of vision.
Mariko, I hope sincerely you have a restraining order and that the cops have his picture.
Sudan no1
the beach graffiti at 1:05 would make any Asian 女's blood run cold.
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