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Desc:Batman describing his sexual experience while being played with by villains.
Category:Humor, General Station
Tags:sex, batman, collegehumor
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Comment count is 10
one star for a live college humor tag
I too can vote randomly and territorially! Whoooo!

Oh, good. Another one-or-five voter.

I was going to be a piss-pants for an entirely different reason, but fuck you instead, bud.

Koda Maja
This was alright.

That guy
Yeah this sketch isn't that bad. Rather than discuss it, I will just counter-star your pointless objection.

That dude's Bat-voice is pretty good.
That's comedian Pete Holmes. He's laser accurate.

He sells it really well - I'm ashamed to admit it got a laugh or two out of me, so I'll give it a four.

That guy
He also works in some moments of "dweeby guy who wishes he was Batman but has a stuffy nose and a mild speech impediment".

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