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Desc:Even via the messed up treatment of a speedrun still comes off as an amazingly put together thing.
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:HL2, speedrun
Submitted:Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
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Comment count is 13
i like how he kills time during the cutscenes
"This is evidence that Gordon Freeman was here."

"Yeah. No human would stack everything not nailed down like this."

actually I was talking about zooming in on Alex's tits, but the stacking was cute too

Huh. I don't remember the "superfast backwards run/jump" aspect.
Roughly the first third of this is boring tool assisted stuff where he just warps through levels, but later on the parts where he/she actually plays through levels superfast are pretty fucking impressive. I still think speed runs are kind of bullshit, though, when the person uses hacks 80% of the time. (though the part where he basically skips the entire Highway 17 part of the game by jumping through the sky is entertaining.
There's not any hacks here, although they do use the original version of the source engine that half life 2 shipped with, because in later versions it would be a lot less fun and a lot more like just regular playing.

Well, serious question, if there are no hacks involved, how is this guy moving so fast and jumping so high? I know the physics in the original 1.0 engine could be exploited and I've seen speed runs with people doing that, but I can't see how tools weren't used. especially the Highway 17 part where he litereally just jumps over miles of terrain.

Spaceman Africa
Well all the stuff like the backwards jumping thing are in the game, just the tools sorta amplify it, so it's not hacks per se, but I wouldn't say its a purist speed run.

The only thing I know is what I've been told about the backward jumping.

In previous games you could accelerate by jumping with the right timing. Basically carrying over some of your acceleration from falling into the next jump. In HL2, they tried to put a stop to that by adding force that pushes back against you at the end of your jump. (Un)fortunately, that force was set to push against the direction you were FACING rather than the direction you were going. As long as you could jump in reverse, you could actually pick up more speed even more quickly than ever.

In fact I just noticed that in the videos original youtube description they have a bunch of stuff describing the techniques they use for the run. Could be interesting if they have a making of video.

The Mothership
52:55 - 56:00
the knowing nod after

Jet Bin Fever
I can finally say that Gordon Freeman was the right man for the job.
See I thought it was a minute and a half. Boy, was I wrong.
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