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Desc:Truth to Power
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:colbert report, Steven Colbert, bradley manning, failed republic
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Comment count is 10
Not funny at all... just... sad...
Stars for that evil though.
For those of us hated by the Comedy Central video player.

Well done, government of traitors.
What irks me is all the posts I've seen on facebook wishing this guy death or a long life of rotting in prison. Do they really think that or are they saving face for surveillance purposes.
asian hick
It is possible you just know horrible people.

I must have found some Facebook cheat code, because I have somewhere around 400 people friended (I don't care enough about it to actually pay attention) and I literally never encounter stuff like this, even though I've only blocked one person ever in my entire history on the Internet.

What's the German word for "delight in hearing an abjectly terrible truth acknowledged"?

★★★★★ For dumpster
Binro the Heretic
Maybe America will collapse before he has to serve too long.
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