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Desc:everything about this is evil from the drugs to the hipster host to the music to glasgow, scotland
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:techno, Rave, drugs, gabber, scotland
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Comment count is 17
Well, it's better than dubstep.
you're using hipster wrong
there is no wrong use of hipster, this channel is owned by motherfucking vice

Despite being an uptight square, he manages to demonstrate some compassion toward his subjects. That would disqualify him from being a total hipster, since popular mythos now states that these hipster people, whoever they are, don't like things that other people like. I think the joke is that he's a total college boy with a button up shirt who forces himself into places he doesn't belong. He's the Louis Theroux of shitty raves.

Bucking the trends of other hipsters is the most hipster thing you can do.

He's the Alpha Hipster then? You sure you want to give him that much credit?

Everybody in this video is an insufferable twat, especially the narrator, but he does get some brilliant zings in.
Woops! Wrong video. That comment was for the Psytrance clip.

Guess it works here too, though.

Innocent Bystander
The psytrance hippies are insufferable twats, everybody in this video is slightly intimidating.

Yeah, you're right, there's no salvaging that comment. Gabber fans aren't really twats, and the narrator doesn't really zing in this one; he actually seems to like both the music and the people.

I was thinking of making a joke about high-functioning chavs, but it's too late now.

I hate other countries' dialects so much. SO MUCH

I thought gabber died out as a thing somewhere in the early 2000s.
It did, just like Drum and Bass and Dubstep. It's just the fans didn't get the message.

Boomer The Dog
# 5 stars for the guy with blue Siberian Husky eyes!

I remember the local pirate DJ, Instigator, he did Detroit techno and would play some gabber, and that was 1997. Maybe it's a 20 year comeback, kids of '90s ravers, and it seems that the music is much more overdriven than it used to be.

Outside of a club and a big sound system, it wouldn't seem that appealing. If I get a DJ slot somewhere, I'll do a show of hard to listen music, songs with harpsichord solos, bagpipes, and add some of today's gabber.. :)


That preload image gave me hepatitis, five stars.
The powerviolence of electronica.
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