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Desc:with predictable results
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:girl, fall, guns, Shotgun, recoil
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Comment count is 14
And it ends with an upskirt. Tres Francais!
it takes a lot for a girl to turn me on.
she is so nervous!

*I* predicted that she'd do just as well, if not better than, a man. Check your privilege, sexists.
The laws of physics are clearly problematic.

Jane Error
...as is the way she's distributing her weight. And her flip flops. And the fact that's she's never shot a gun before.

Force is neither created nor destroyed it is simply transferred.
I swear this is a dupe, but maybe I just saw it in the related videos of something here.
Jet Bin Fever
The fat guy shooting the two USP video had this as one of the relateds, along with about 8 other "girls shooting guns" videos.

The video description says it's a 10 gauge double barreled shotgun, not a 12 gauge. That kind of recoil would knock most people on their asses.
A 10 gauge would not have any more recoil because the gun is a lot of heavier. My dad had a Remington SP10 and it actually kicked less than a 12 gauge shooting 3.5" mags.

Syd Midnight
Mon Dieux! Zat was better zan an orgasme!
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