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Desc:An Irish man eats two breakfast burritos while trying to relax you a little.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:fat, Irish people, burritos, ASMR, fock it
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The Mothership
Oh god, this is where your ASMR fetish meets your 'dinner with youtube' fun perfectly. This is evidence that you will watch anything, baleen. needs 'bitch tits' tag. 5 stars.

And my fetish is going to yield much more POE Red than all this my little pony nonsense.

Syd Midnight
This is where you find out if ASMR is actually a fetish, or if geeks just like anything where a girl pretends to be affectionate towards them.

I like when girls pretend to be affectionate towards me.

Haha. There arent burritos in ireland.
There is also no active burritos tag on poetv, which is a surprise.

Syd Midnight
You wouldn't want to take the risk of summoning him

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Well the upside to this video is that I know for certain my gag reflex is still intact.
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