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boner - 2013-12-13


Caminante Nocturno - 2013-12-13

Uuuh, uaaah, oooooh, ngaaah.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-12-13

What the hell fetish is this, anyway? Is it a very specific slime fetish or a more general smothering fetish?

memedumpster - 2013-12-13

I am starting to suspect that the entire Internet is just its own broken form of sexuality, where the images, sounds, and other details are irrelevant, so long as something, anything, is there to jack off to.

EvilHomer - 2013-12-13

It's probably not meant to be seen as a single, holistic fetish, but rather as a collection of related ones. Superheroines and peril/DiD are probably the main attraction here (superheroine fetishists and erotic peril fetishists seem to go hand in hand). Then you've got slime fetish, vore fetish, de-powerment, vintage horror film, digestion, and yeah maybe a bit of smothering, but I'm unconvinced on that one - usually smothering fetishists stick to their own little corner of the internet, and this doesn't strike me as particularly breath-play-y, let alone smother-y. There's a lot of secondary fetish action going on here, but if I had to guess? I'd say that the target audience for this clip is mostly just looking for buxom superheroines getting offed, and isn't TOO concerned with the specifics of how this happens - they'd be just as happy if it was Wonder Woman getting eaten by a snake, or being frozen in carbonite.

Nominal - 2013-12-14

I assumed all those fetishes you mentioned all fell under a really really really REALLY REALLY (fucking) warped version of struggle/submission fantasies.

EvilHomer - 2013-12-14

They do, in a sense, but I think fetishes like vore and depowerment are popular, sophisticated, and sometimes even exclusionary enough, that "struggle/submission fantasy" just doesn't cut it anymore. Fifty years ago, that term may have sufficed, but I think the internet has ended the days of simple fetish classification for good.

Digging deeper into his channel, I'm fairly certain that I'm correct about the superheroine peril thing. He's not got many videos, but the other ones are spacegirl machine gun ryona; if he was a slimeophile or whatever, it'd be more slime. But it's not, it's more peril. The channels he likes are mostly vore, DiD, and heroine catfights - again, the common thread being superheroines and peril. Finally, the name of the channel is "Spacebabes1". There's a website that caters to just this sort of fetish named SpacebabeCentral (I think it may have been featured on PoE-Red). I don't believe this is an *official* channel (there'd be a lot more content if that were the case) but the, errrm, "artwork" is of a style that's popular in the x-babeCentral network, and I'm willing to bet the name was chosen as a homage.

Nominal - 2013-12-14

I don't think sexual kinks have changed much in the last 3000 years, let alone 50.

The "slime" thing is just the desire to see a proud woman sullied, which also ties back into the fantasy of breaking down a tough prospect until they submit.

Syd Midnight - 2013-12-15

That 4 second repeating clip of a woman moaning gave me flashbacks to the 80s. One digital treasure I downloaded from a warez BBS was just a 4 second digitized clip of a woman moaning, because 4 seconds was all that could fit into 64K of RAM. Of course I jacked off to it (the C64 thing, not this video.)

8-bit porn was pretty slim pickings.

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