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Desc:A frank discussion about the naming of sport.
Category:Arts, Sports
Tags:Soccer, football, insults, YouTube Comment Reconstruction, Rush lover
Submitted:Jet Bin Fever
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Comment count is 17
These gentlemen are doing a great service to the world.
wait, what.. did someone quote Socrates on youtube?

the good thing about these is that they will never run out of material
There needs to be some sort of corollary to Godwin's Law that applies to high school level philosophy references. That is, philosophy references in general.

Adham Nu'man
Best one so far.
Well, the original sounds like one really involved Youtube argument. The most that ever happened to me in Youtube comments was some guy calling me a fag because I left a mildly negative comment about some superhero movie trailer.
Syd Midnight
God damn I wish someone had done this with some of the more embarrassing P_N drama wars
those would be some long-ass videos.

Adham Nu'man
The Fagdance Saga

I really want to see these guys do a reconstruction of us. Or if not these guys, then someone.

This entire site is you people doing reconstructions of yourselves, forever.

Binro the Heretic
Only British actors can pull off such intensity. When Americans try, it just looks fake and annoying.
Just so you guys know, this is how you all sound in my head.
Jet Bin Fever
wow, thanks!

Classy as fuck :D

The constipated Rush fan is correct; soccer is the original, and most etymologically proper, name for the sport.

His opponent had far better ripostes, however.
the guy with the amazing grey stubble looked like he could be simon pegg's dad from those closeups...
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