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Category:Stunts, Advertisements
Tags:RC, subaru, stick bomb, Popsicle Stick, Things I wished Id done in my childhood
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Comment count is 15
That's really using a stick shift.
all my stars for 1:35
infinite zest
Well this was cool. We used to make these all the times in the summer, but not as complex and without an RC car. I kind of want to time travel back to a month ago and ask for this RC car and a fuckton of Creamcicles for my birthday :(
The American Popsicles Sticks Association has hired some good viral marketing people.
For you.

Binro the Heretic
Fived and fave'd.

infinite zest
Wow. Until the very end where the song goes on, that synched up a little too perfectly.

this would be more impressive if the RC car was doing anything close to full speed. a brushless electric RC car that light should be able to go 60+ MPH.
No apostrophes in Chetcode?
Mister Yuck
What I like about this ad is that some intern spent his summer laying popsicle sticks on top of each-other and didn't get paid anything.
I notice the car does not even bump a little bit when it runs over expended stick bomb pieces.

In my day such a car with no shocks would go flying in the air if it hit so much as a cat hair.
It's not a cheap department store RC car, the hobby grade stuff has had suspension for decades.

I also have a feeling this was a bit enhanced.

This is fucking great.
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