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Desc:I thought I posted this about 5 years ago, apparently not.
Category:Religious, Advertisements
Tags:Flash animation, k&k mime, overselling
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Comment count is 6
Billy the Poet
I was looking for these guys a while ago. They've been on here, though not this video.
You'll want to remove those extra commas in the tags, Cheese.
The fuck is this? Seriously, gospel mimes?? Does god help them overcome invisible boxes or some shit?

K&K should only stand for that toxic "Kit n Kay Boodle" thing.
What kills me about this gospel mime shit is that it's advertised like a fucking pro wrestling event or something (GET READY FOR POWERFUL WORSHIP IN YOUR FACE IT WILL EXPLODE THE UNIVERSE!!!!!! YELLING!!!!!!) but then when you actually see it, it's just this boring-ass, bland shit where some guys do dumb mime routines to really slow, basic organ music or something.
Spaceman Africa
Well I'm sold, when's their next show?
Jet Bin Fever
Nothing gets the young people motivated like a good mime show.
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