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Desc:Featuring the old drive thru speaker routine.
Category:General Station
Tags:standup, awful, CRINGE, COMEDY!, bad standup
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 9
infinite zest
Aww.. these guys are so nice.

What if Darkwing Duck and Bonkers decided to fuck? Well you'd have a Tailspin! So Kit Cloudkicker goes to the burger king..
37 seconds. Good job, nerd. Good job.
Would you like franchise with that? In Pensacola?
infinite zest
I don't know much about Pokemon but don't they all say their own names? So if Pikachu ordered a Big Mac he'd say Pikachu? Is Charizard some exception?
"so what would happen if pokemon actually came to our.." and i'm out
That guy
No one is going to make it to the old drive thru speaker routine.
Jet Bin Fever
Haha. Oh damn. Oh damn, no he's not going there. Oh damn damn damn. He did it. Oh wow. Just 5 shameful stars. I am so sorry for this guy. That made me so uncomfortable. Going to hit submit before this ends. I can't make it through it.
Damn, that guy is really in touch with his generation.
I made it to 1:20.
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