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Desc:with special NSFW ads
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:john oliver, political ads, Mitch McConnell, alison grimes
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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John Holmes Motherfucker
Finally! 100 per cent pure wolf urine!
Oh please, I've been seeing the Wolf Urine ads for years now! I miss the Bear Spray ads.

Other than chugging it, why would you even buy wolf urine? What about the Amazon shop thing?

I can't imagine that the 10 people still using poeTV generate much of an income. I'm convinced the advertisers paid for like 1 year worth of ads and 5 years later no one has bothered to remove them.

Oscar Wildcat
Firstly, as a means to drive off smaller animals from your property.

Secondly, as a lure to attract wolves to a trap.

And finally, if you are about 12 years old and your country cousin keeps some trap lines, it makes a good improvised chemical weapon to use against your annoying neighbors ( in our case, fox. ).

I was thinking piss fetish furries but it turns out to also be for backwater yokels. Fair enough.

Oscar Wildcat
Cue the "dueling banjos" theme...

I'm just messing dude, I would love nothing more than to live in a secluded forest and hunt pigs every day. One day, maybe...

These 5 stars are for you being a good sport.

Oscar Wildcat
If people come to POETV and go away with hurt feelings, I don't think they are using the site correctly.

Jet Bin Fever
That cannot be unseen.
I need to start taking the NSFW warnings more seriously.
Oh don't you vote for that old Kentucky bone
Tis wrinkled with pubes that are grey.
The foreskin sags and the balls just look all wrong
I guess I just wont eat today.
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