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Desc:Unicorn makes a unicorn.
Category:General Station
Tags:Rainbow, unicorn, rainbow vision, lifeless stare, asexual reproduction
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The Mothership
Oh, Archie McPhee! I used to LOVE that place when I lived in Seattle.

For those who don't know: it's the wierdo, quasi-adult toy store where you can buy the rubber chicken, the gum that will turn your tongue black and a glow in the dark Virgin Mary statuette.

My first college girlfriend took me there on a date.... good times.
The things I remembr seeing in their catalog that I wish I'd bought.

NIB Dune action figures for being the principle one.

The old, black and white catalog before they started selling their own stuff and became Accoutrements.

I have a Beast Raban that I bought there in high school!

infinite zest
I used to work at a sister store of theirs' called Popdeluxe. Probably the only job I'll ever have where Tuesday (receiving day) was actually the most fun day of the week.

This is truly evil. I always figured some sinister unicorns would plot genocide against the earth ponies.
Both ponies and unicorns should only be approached by virgins.

Don't worry, Cena. That won't happen. Not on the Pegasi's watch.

Semper Fly!

Huh. I always assumed it involved like penetration with the horn or something, but okay.
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