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Desc:'The suspension of disbelief' for this gag tends to work better in Warner Bros cartoons...
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:bluescreen, unfunny, Little Man, Wayans brothers, icky
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Comment count is 10
Binro the Heretic
That wasn't funny.

That wasn't funny at all.
blue vein steel
this is portal of evil, not portal of funny

I found it funny in a not-funny sort of way. They try all too hard here and little Marlin looks so absurd.

It'd be funny if it were a movie-within-a-movie about inept comedy screenwriters

Also: proportions, dammit! http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/08/childs-face-mastering-proporti ons/

Cherry Pop Culture
So these guys were never funny?
Nope, maybe Damon Wayans on some ocassions, but he has nothing to do with these films.

I've always found Damon Wayans funny and Keenan had his moments, but Marlon is just awful. Naturally, he's the most successful.

Prickly Pete
This makes zero sense.
That guy
How do you take farts and unfunny them?
good job
Jet Bin Fever
ha, fart "jokes"!
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