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Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:dating, expert village
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Comment count is 16
Oscar Wildcat
On second thought, perhaps we should avoid the whole subject of cannibalism entirely.
I know the person depict in the video.


Wonko The Sane
"M'LADY TO YOU LIKE M'SOULPATCH?" / tips the hat
Adham Nu'man
But won't that blueberry cake get all stuck on your chin-vagina thingy?
"Now, who are the best flirts in the world? They're actually little kids."

And it went downhill from there.
"I'm a Social Dynamics Instructor. I'm also a 12th level Orc Mage and the Lavender Power Ranger. You'd be surprised how many titles I award myself each day."
blue vein steel
I'd love to be there when a potential employer reads that off a resume

That guy
I know a guy named Baby Phillipe who's got a level 20 half-orc fire mage.

blue vein steel
5 for knowing exactly what to expect 2 seconds in
5 for knowing exactly what to expect before I'd even finished reading the title on the front page.

Jack Dalton
At some point, I was hoping the silhouette of his hand would try to choke him.
Jack Dalton
...it happened 8 seconds in.

Yellow Lantern
Gonna go to a bar and flirt with a gal by telling her how much I want to eat her eyes
That guy
I knew I had to up-vote it in the hopper when I heard him go down that track.

All of these flirting tips were learned by flirting with children in sandboxes over the course of 2 years followed by a 5-10 year sentence. Long enough to grow that bitchin prison soul patch
Rodents of Unusual Size
I like how he casually pictures breaking up with the wife he must imagine having every day.
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