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Desc:Next time you chat with Mike, talk about his pigeons and not his rape conviction
Category:General Station
Tags:, Mike Tyson, rape, live television, outburst
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 21
"A bit agitated" is a better descriptor than "goes crazy". Mike seems relatively calm and professional here; he's not couching any bullshit from the TV guy, but knowing Mr Tyson, there were far worse ways this could have gone down.

Like a rape!
That guy
or 'a bit aggitated' is fine too

infinite zest
Wasn't it behavior like this that kind of swung the jury in the trial? I mean, I personally consider rape (and any abuse to somebody less powerful, male or female) to be a worse crime than murder in self-defense or out of lust, but there was no actual video like we have with, say, Ray Rice. I do find it a little strange that a convicted rapist is in a Broadway play and has an upcoming TV show, and OJ, an acquitted murderer is unanimously vilified.

Adham Nu'man
Yeah, except a lot of people think OJ was unjustly acquitted and Tyson was unjustly convicted.

I think a big thing was the nature of the justice system, or at least the public's perception of it. Mike was imprisoned, he did his time and got punished for what he did. But OJ? OJ dodged the headsman. The plebs want to see blood! They were denied a taste of OJ's sweet black juice, so they got angry. I'm willing to bet that if Zimmerman had gone to jail over the Trayvon shooting, he'd be getting his own TV show now, too.

Something else that may have effected things was the pre-crime popularity of Mike Tyson. Everyone knew and loved Mike Tyson, whether you watched boxing or not; he was a household name. OJ was just the guy from Lethal Weapon. And don't forget, either, that the Tyson trial was far more low-budget than OJ's. There were no celebrity guest stars, no tie-ins with other popular shows, hell, Tyson didn't even last a full season before the jury up and cancelled it. It's really no surprise that the audience for the Tyson Trial didn't get as emotionally invested in the brand as audiences did for OJ: TOS!

"served his time" yeah ok. Thank god people still exist with the balls to bring this up to his stupid, rapist face. He deserves rotten fruit crammed into his eye sockets every time he takes a breath.

Well, there is the swearing.

I love Mike Tyson, he is physically incapable of being boring on-camera.
I miss our Mike Tyson. I can't remember the last time I saw a post from him on here.

That guy
there was once a poetver named Mike Tyson

who once got his dick stuck in a dyson

and really liked steak made from bison

He ran to the kitchen to put his rice on.

infinite zest
He submitted a video, thee most favorited video, and holed himself up in his presidio

that presidio was a shack, in which romance was his knack, but the ladies he took home never came back

Interviewer just takes it.
Perchance because he is a rat piece-of-shit?

"What are you gonna do about it?"

And that was the day the network invested in a delayed feed.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
I'm sure CP24 forgot about a delayed feed the second it saw a shiny new Rob Ford story it could chase after.

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