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Desc:The tables have turned!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:CATegory, injustice, natasha allegri, Bee and Puppycat, bathhouse
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Comment count is 15
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
This show *is* a bit shoddy compared to the pilot (which I loved) However this is a good episode.
I'm okay with giving it more chances.
This was alright. Don't mind the pointless episodes, when you get down to it, most (all) content is pointless.
Spaceman Africa
That was not good
Sudan no1
Agreed but I liked the pretty colors and I've five starred stupider things.

The colour scheme is great! The pastel-icecream palette, and the subtle shifts between muting and neon, all help to underscore the dream-like feeling of this show. I could totally picture HeatherFeather or PigsBum doing ASMR to it.

Shanghai Tippytap
i like the little island they live on. it makes me jealous.
it's nice to know a show can go from 0 to filler in no time at all, usually have to wait a few seasons for that level of creative exhaustion
Yes, what charms the show had in it's first installment have worn away rather quickly, now it's very much lowest-common-denominator "wacky" style cartooning - all that's missing is every character sporting a grotesque red bulb for a nose.

a series of bright moving images and zany soundbites perfectly designed to foster momentary enjoyment with no actual relevance to each other, buoyed by main character of a loud mouthed idiot with no ambitions but to consume the same bright moving images and zany soundbites

this is tumblr the cartoon

two stars for making me appreciate steven universe more
you people have weird expectations for this show
Adham Nu'man
I hated it at first, now I kind of like it's unapologetic girlyness and Myazaki inspired crazy. Maybe I'm becoming a brony or something...
Maybe I'm reading into it, but it feels like the first pilot thingie was 100% Allegri, and this new funded series feels a lot more 'design-by-committee' and it's kind of killing the charm.

Anyway 5 to balance out all the grumpy-pants 2 stars.
I really liked the pilot... but something has been slipping away with each episode..,
Caminante Nocturno
This was a very pretty episode. On a somewhat related note, I think Pretty Patrick's a weenie.
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