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Desc:Hobbies include long walks on the beach and not much else.
Category:General Station
Tags:legs, SFW Fetish Week
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Comment count is 13
how did she buckle her belt?
Wouldn't you like to know?

you should see her sister

infinite zest
I just want the arms of venus de milo, if you know what i mean

The Mothership
It's a man, man.
I'm trying to think of something suitably ironically-sexist to say about this but then I realize that ironic sexism is still sexism and, no, fuck that.
Here, I'll do it for you:
"Look, the perfect woman." (I don't really feel that way, but dammit if it wasn't the first thing that popped into my head).
But to agree with Mothership, I do believe those legs belong to either a man, or an incredibly muscular lady.

infinite zest
You'd think there'd be at least a little bulge.. all I see is what I think is typical pants tent. A lot of my girlfriends bike a good 20 miles to and from work every day and kinda have muscle legs.. no matter what, I spent 1:23 of my life standing at someone's crotch.

infinite zest
*staring* :D

@gravelstudios Yeah that's what I was thinking, and then thought "wait no it can leave on its own so that is imperfect maybe it should just be the pelvis." And then I thought that no, it should be about how "but how's it gonna cook mah dinner?" and then I started to feel uneasy and decided to just be meta instead.

infinite zest
Here's mine: "I'd Buy THAT For 50 Cents!"

That guy
fluffy, can you give a meta trigger warning next time please?
You have no idea what going meta does to me. I'll be thinking about Plato and Charlie Kaufman instead of sleeping for a week now.
You insensitive sonofabitch

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