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Desc:Science Sunday
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:fallout, Uranium, Chernobyl, radioactive, Fukushima
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Comment count is 6

Loses a star because there's not really any connection between the Uranium ore fluorescing and it being radioactive. Also they're mixing the units between microsieverts and microsieverts per hour.
This guy is annoying as fuck, misunderstands radiation, and then -SPOILER ALERT- the twist at the end is just an anti-smoking ad.

This reminded me of the "natural reactor" at Oklo. Which I find more interesting than this guy.
Guess the budget ran out before they could visit Ramsar, Iran (up to 15 μSv/hr) or Guarapari, Brazil (up to 20 μSv/hr).
Budget- AKA 3/4 trust fund 1/4 kickstarter.
Research- a pinch of state college and wealth of reading I fucking love science articles.

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