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Desc:'Rush' has nothing on the real thing (when editied down to 3 minutes)
Category:Science & Technology, Sports
Tags:crash, f1, formula 1, 2014
Submitted:blue vein steel
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infinite zest
I started Rush but didn't finish it.. I loved the cinematography but F1's a pretty foreign sport to me, and not just in the literal sense. Like, if they had the exact same movie for swimming or tennis I'd be all over that, but a bromance about two racecar drivers I've never heard of wasn't doing it for me. I'd say if you like F1 racing check it out. But if you're like me, this does what it says on the tin.
blue vein steel
i liked it ok. solid but ultimately forgettable movie, like a lot of Ron Howard. For as much as F1 is a sport for wealthy European industrialists and their children, it's still incredibly dangerous and as physically demanding as playing two 50 minute NBA games in a row. It's also a technical marvel of engineering and remains the fastest way possible to get around a race course (even if the cars are 6-8 seconds slower now than they were 10 years ago).

F1 is basically near the limit of what the human body can handle in terms of repeated Gs during a 2 hour race. If engineers just applied all the technology that has been banned over the last 30 years, cars would be going 400 mph and doing 15 Gs in turns and while braking...drivers would just pass out.

But the racing was more interesting this year because they gave the cars more power and a lot more torque while reducing the rear aerodynamic downforce.

All the racers that could drive a good car blindfolded around a memorized track last year (because it would never lose traction in any turn) suddenly couldn't drive a twitchy car better than fresh rookies.

The fastest laps are from when the cars are glued to the track, going through turns on rails. It is also the most horribly boring racing. Unless someone forgot to turn, mistakes were rare and passing was just a matter of mathematics.

I think at least the transition from 2013 to 2014 has been one of moving the sport back toward rewarding the combination of driver and engineering rather than predominantly engineering determining if a driver wins or not.

infinite zest
Oh! I didn't know Opie directed it. That explains a lot. Looking at his imdb I think I can honestly say that Backdraft and Ransom were the only two movies of his that I've seen that I liked (sorry Willow.) As for F1, I used to live next door to a guy obsessed with NASCAR, but he was the polar opposite of the stereotype that pops into your head when you think of NASCAR fan. Basically we'd just drink beer and smoke weed and it was really fun to hang out, a great way to spend a Sunday morning. I turned out liking it more than watching a game of football or basketball, and although half of it was for the crashes at the end, I understood that there was a lot more to it than keeping your wheel to the left for 500 laps and going really fast.

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