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Category:Video Games, Stunts
Tags:resident evil, sunglasses, Wesker, AfterEffects
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Comment count is 10
The quality of this scene in the actual million movie is only marginally better.
infinite zest
This guy's videos page is full of awesome.

up your samples bro and l2 lensblur
also: get a better sunglasses animation. that shit looks like it was blown up from a poser model
Resident Evil is up there with Mortal Kombat for franchises that really need to stop trying to make continuous stories.
infinite zest
Haha I hadn't thought about it for years, but it looks like MK's still doing that GRITTY AND REALISTIC prequel series that starred Michael Jai White and Casper Van Dien, at least according to imdb. I guess in the franchise's defense, I kinda sorta liked MK Annihilation. It delivered exactly what I'd expect out of a MK movie, a lot of fighting, and the soundtrack was pretty cool too for 15 year-old me (KMFDM, Megadeth, Future Sound of London, etc..)

You need to watch Resident Evil: Retribution then. It manages to be an exponentially bigger self-parody than any of the other Resident Evil sequels, which is an amazing accomplishment.

Plus I've played every Resident Evil game, and I still have no idea how Wesker went from "crooked midwest cop" to "matrix powered CEO of global bioterrorism".

Y'know, an MK movie COULD be a fun popcorn flick. It's got to have martial arts, death, and a bunch of whacko-looking characters.

That leaves a lot of room for leeway, but it'd have to be filled with creativity, which is something I don't know if they have the budget for.

There was that "real-world" remake proposed with a sales pitch trailer or two a while back. Basically all the characters were reimagined as crazy people and what not.

Seemed kind of shit to be honest.

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