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Desc:On a rainy day in NOLA, a man makes his own fun by ghost slidin' the whip.
Category:Stunts, Nature & Places
Tags:New Orleans, slide, ghost ride the whip, nola, rainy day
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Quite the twist
infinite zest
With your host, Alvin.
Oh great, have my nightmares started physically manifesting again?

This is far too much like the nightmare where I'm driving, and I get distracted by something in the back seat, so I crawl into the back seat, and only then realize that I've put myself and countless other people at risk so I need to claw my way back to the front and regain control of the car. Good times.
That guy
For me it's dreams of trying to drive from the passenger side (because I don't want to get up and move to the driver side) and of course horribly fucking up and crashing.
I can always reach the gas pedal, and never the brake.

When I have those dreams, I'm pretty sure it's my subconscious telling me that I need to pay better attention when I'm driving.

Jet Bin Fever
WAIT, he was a GHOST?
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