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Desc:Capping off another season of video game football abuse.
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:football, Madden, beach house, Breaking Madden, BEEFTANK
Submitted:MacGyver Style Bomb
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Comment count is 8
5 for Beach House.

The rest of this is just what normal football looks like to non sports people (like me).
Fellow non-sports person here.

I am into boardgames, and something that always struck me as odd: a lot of the time I'll try to get someone into a game barely more complicated than Risk or Monopoly (say, Settlers of Catan), and none of the rules sink in before they're completely lost, like explaining basic Windows functions to grandparents.

But a lot of them are sports nuts who know every single rule of all the games, comment on the strategies of every play, and can rattle off a spreadsheet of statistics. I've gotten into super complicated games and for the life of me I still don't know or can't make any sense of Football rules beyond 4 downs.

I guess it's like everybody's Grandmother who can't figure out computers or VCRs but is a master Bridge player.

it's the difference between being interested and just humoring someone.

You/they aren't mentally retarded, they/you just don't care about football/boardgames enough to learn the rules.

infinite zest
Haha this was quite accurate, especially the last play. I turned out watching it this year mostly out of the controversy surrounding deflategate, and among other things it did have one of the most (if not THE most) amazing catches in NFL history, one of the biggest "WTF did they do that for" moments, and ended with a Hockey style fight.

I don't give a fuck about football though, and am surprised so many people in Portland were rooting for the Seahawks and furious when they lost. I think we're supposed to be like Chicago and Milwaukee, if you live anywhere in Wisconsin, it's anything except the Bears, including teams that have historically cheated their way to the top. I fell into the "humoring someone" category; she likes the Patriots for reasons that I can't understand, because she's never even been to the east coast, so secretly I wanted the Packers to win but was happy to see her happy. That's why I stick to Dominoes and swimming.

infinite zest
As for Catan, a big problem with me is the spontaneity. Like, I run into someone and it's like "wanna come over and play Settlers" but they're drunk and the box is empty. There's plenty of planned out events at game shops and pubs in town, which is probably where I'll go if I want to play, but it's a lot easier to zone out and watch the TV and cheer than it is to set up a board game, or at least remember where the pieces were.

My problem is I can't stand Euro games but it's all anyone fucking plays these days. Your choices are Monopoly, dry as fuck Euros (see who can build the most efficient 16th century Germany mail system!), or full retard Warhammer.

Herr Matthias
Needs a "Jon Bois" tag. He's earned it.
infinite zest
Yeah the music alone is great. His videos are more-or-less my iphone on shuffle

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