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Desc:A documentary about worn-out, inebriated layabouts and beercan philosophers in the Sunshine State.
Category:General Station, Nature & Places
Tags:Redneck, Drunk, white trash, florida, Florida Man
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Comment count is 12
I stole the description from here since I'm not nearly that eloquent:
This is both long overdue and amazing.
I should probably watch this.
I watched most of it before work this morning, it's pretty good.

This is the "American Juggalo" guy, if you needed any more convincing.

I heard some "woop woops" in at least one scene.

There's a bunch of awesome pitbulls in this!
"If you've got a drinking problem, handle it."

But... but... you're the one selling them booze! Isn't it in your self-interest for them not to handle it?

Everybody in this documentary is so fucking weird. Watching it was depressing, but I couldn't stop. And having watched the whole thing, I'm not sure what, if anything, I learned.
People with drinking "problems" are not the best customers. This is because they often don't have much money, tend to die sooner, and may cause disruptions in your store. What you want is to cultivate a clientele of high-functioning alcoholics, people who drink way too much but are still capable of holding down jobs and owning cars (as he points out earlier, customers with automobiles purchase far more liquor than customers without.)

I used to live just blocks from Big Daddy's Karaoke (at 38 minutes). Went there a few times and it was fun but it was mostly hipsters really.
The Mothership
I'm not a drunk, but I am an alcoholic.
Good stuff
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