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Desc:Dr. Julie Madsen is my hero.
Category:News & Politics, Nature & Places
Tags:vagina, Republican, webcam, Idaho, Vito Barbieri
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Comment count is 11
FASCINATING. Now can we get a male doctor in here to confirm that? No offense, sugar, but you're sounding a little emotional.
He went ahead and voted for the bill anyway, of course.
Oscar Wildcat
He's thinking of the asshole, of course. What other sexual organ could be down there?
Maggot Brain
Back of the knee?

Caminante Nocturno
The stinger?

Robin Kestrel
It's a series of tubes.

Back of the knee?

I want to high five the first person that broke out into laughter.
Heh. Then how does the baby eat, idiot?

Stupid doctors.
Innocent Bystander
With it's vagina is my guess.

If it's a boy... maybe the butthole?

This is not true cause my BFF Kate got totally preggers from swallowing Billy Czorwick's jizz so threre.
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