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Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:NASA, Space, ocean, mars
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Comment count is 8
Big deal. I just put my first Kerbal on the Mun. Top that, NASA bitches.
infinite zest
Mars was wet for so long because Jupiter learned how to play a Bon Iver song on the guitar bro!
Maggot Brain
So how does one go about rebuilding an atmosphere?
first you build a time machine, then go into the distant future to retrieve wormhole technology, then just open up one end on a planet with a donor atmosphere.

all the other methods are even more impractical.

I don't think Mars could hold on to an atmosphere anymore. Its magnetic field is for shit.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Ask Kim Stanley Robinson.


It depends on the atmosphere you're going for! With Mars, I'd suggest some soft red mood lighting, scented candles, and late 70s space rock.

Maggot Brain
Putting a gigantic electromagnet in orbit should do it.

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