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Desc:Streamer chooses style over skill
Category:General Station
Tags:streamer, futureman
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Comment count is 10
Futureman is my new favorite streamer.
Likewise. I have seen two videos of this dude, this one and the one where his camera starts mirroring him for infinity. He seems like he's not a streamer in that he isn't playing up for the camera, he is a dude just having fun while people watch.

Chocolate Jesus
No he doesn't.

Yes huh!

OK, that was pretty funny, here are your stars.
infinite zest
Mostly for the last 2 seconds. I've seen video of this game and kinda want to try it out. The soundtrack/atmosphere's really good and I like top down shooters. But 15 bucks is kinda pricey.. anyone played it?

Hotline Miami is really really good. Try the first one if you want to get a feel for it, its probably cheaper (and with better soundtrack)

I really liked it and was getting into the story but I stopped before I could finish it because the gameplay was getting very stale.

Best to wait for a sale IMO

infinite zest
Cool! The reviews I've read of 2 is it's pretty much the same thing, which bothers me if I got the first one (like FNAF) but if I haven't heard of it before and that's the case I usually just get the sequel and start there. 10 bucks vs. 15 bucks really isn't a big deal to me.. in a usual day if I get a game I just make beans and rice to make up the difference, and I'd love to see more games like this.

I've read generally negative things about it. Everyone says compared to the original the levels go on too long and the story too intrusive and self serious.

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