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Desc:How did we miss this guy?
Category:General Station
Tags:Faith No More, , hambeast, obesity, joseph8276
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 7
I had a mix-tape I taped off of the radio in the early 90's with "We Care a Lot" on it. I listened to that tape hundreds of times. So many in fact that I still remember word for word what the DJ said between songs. "IN the early days of FAITH NO MORE, before they had Michael Patton singin', that was WE CARE A LOT, and we do care a lot, that was a request, ALWAYS trying to fill your requests I get THOUSANDS OF 'EM!!! *Fades into Therapy?: Screamager*

Anyhoo, this kid is like every other fat kid in the world who isn't quite aware of how much of an awkward dork he is. Aaaand like every other fat kid on the internet, 4chan has been relentlessly trying to ruin this kid's life from the get-go. So, will he continue to sing-rape the internet with his ham-gargles? Or will he cave to the pressure, drop 140 lbs, get a degree in finance, buy a Russian wife, and fade into obscurity like everyone else?
You know what?
Props to this kid.

I will award no points.
wtf japan
This is a butter golem. Hambeasts are female.
Flopping fish
Jet Bin Fever
Hey, at least he likes decent music.
Needs to get into some more Mike Patton though.

I'd steer him clear of Lovage for the time being.

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